P. O. Box 4015 Arsenal Station
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The LHS takes pride in the richness of Lawrenceville’s unique history, industry, architecture and traditions. The Society is dedicated to the continuing effort to preserve our heritage by educating the community through lively and enjoyable programs, exhibits and publications.

Membership in the LHS is open to all those who are interested in the history of Lawrenceville. To join, please print out the attached PDF file [ LHS_membership_single ] and mail the completed form to…

The Lawrenceville Historical Society, P.O. Box 4015, Arsenal Station, Pittsburgh, PA 15201-0015.

Basic Membership Business Membership
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Donation Levels- Includes Membership

Please consider giving an additional donation to the LHS. We are a 501©3 non-profit organization and your contributions are tax exempt.

The Lawrenceville Historical Society has been involved with many other events and activities, which we feel help bring attention to the historical aspects of the neighborhood. We feel events such as the Stephen Foster Music Festival (Doo Dah Days) and the Hospitality House Tour help bring in people, from outside and around the region, to share in our appreciation of Lawrenceville. We’ve also published several books which help solidify and preserve the history of our neighborhood. For events and activities such as these, we need additional funding. To encourage people to contribute extra funding, we’ve established donation levels in hopes that people will contribute to our vision of making Lawrenceville a historical destination for visitors.

Add a donation to your membership purchase?

Doughboy Washington’s Crossing Capt. James Lawrence
 $50.00  $100.00  $200.00
 Allegheny Arsenal Stephen Foster
 $300.00   $350.00